Schoolyard science: 101 easy and inexpensive activities


Schoolyard science: 101 easy and inexpensive activities



With 101 easy and inexpensive activities to do on school grounds, Schoolyard Science can help students develop their observation and inquiry skills as well as an appreciation of their outdoor environment. Covering topics such as lower plants, gardens, insects and other invertebrates, energy, and Earth science, Thomas Lord and Holly Travis provide activities that will help teachers become more comfortable with incorporating the outdoors into their curriculum. The activities have been tested successfully in K-12 classrooms, youth camp programs, and science education classes in teacher preparation programs, so teachers can feel confident when using this book in their classrooms. The book's teamwork focus will allow students to improve their critical-thinking skills and ability to work with other students. Each activity includes a list of the relevant standards and the suggested grade levels; however, the activities can be adapted to other grades as well, allowing teachers to think outside the box. The activities mostly make use of easily accessible materials, but Lord and Travis note any non-schoolyard materials that will be needed in a particular activity. Engaging and thoughtful activities make Schoolyard Science a great starting point for teachers as they inspire students to appreciate learning in their own schoolyard.



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Schoolyard science: 101 easy and inexpensive activities