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Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

John E. Stamp, Jr., D.M.A.

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Jason Worzbyt, D.M.A.

Third Advisor

Kevin Eisensmith, D.M.A.


Bruce Yurko, born in 1951, is an American composer known primarily for his works for winds, more specifically wind ensemble. Over the course of his life he has had great success as a composer, conductor, and music educator. His music has gained notoriety and praise from musicians across the world. Mr. Yurko has written a significant number of compositions, many of which have not been published or recorded. It is my intent to compile a list of Bruce Yurko's music for wind ensemble and create an annotated bibliography of those pieces. To clarify, the term "Wind Ensemble" can be substituted for Wind Orchestra, Concert Band, or Symphonic Band. The term "Wind Ensemble" is used to identify a large ensemble comprised of wind and percussion instruments. In addition to the annotated bibliography I will gather recordings of his music created by Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Messiah College, two universities with which Mr. Yurko has a relationship. In addition, I will compile a compact disc of a representative collection of Mr. Yurko's Wind Ensemble music. In order to compile a complete list of Mr. Yurko's wind ensemble music, I will use information that has been previously published about his music as a starting point. Several of Mr. Yurko's published works have been promoted by various band resources. Using sources such as these, as well as concert programs and compact disc recordings, I will create a preliminary a list of his works. Finally, I will be interviewing Mr. Yurko to complete the list of his works and will discuss each piece, using Mr. Yurko as a primary source. Once the list is complete I will compile the information gathered and will create a complete annotated bibliography of Bruce Yurko's works for Wind Ensemble. The next step of the project will involve recordings. Several of Mr. Yurko's pieces have been professionally recorded and released. Two universities with which Mr. Yurko and I have had affiliations are Messiah College and Indiana University of Pennsylvania; both have recorded some of Mr. Yurko's music. I have been granted permission by the ensemble directors of each respective university, as well as Mr. Yurko, to compile a representative collection of his wind ensemble music that these two institutions have recorded over the past twenty-five years. Because each piece was recorded in different environments, by different groups, and at different points in time, there will be variants of quality for each one, requiring the tracks to be re-mastered. I will artificially manipulate the tracks so they sonically sound as close to one another as possible. After the disc is completed I will construct a booklet to accompany the compact disc, describing each piece and giving background information for each respective track. It is hoped that this final disc will serve as the basis for a mass-produced compact disc of Mr. Yurko's wind works.