Willa Black

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Gloria Park

Second Advisor

Lucinda Willis

Third Advisor

Brian Carpenter


This study aims to explore the connections between language ownership and teacher identity in multilingual instructors of English. While both have been studied extensively on their own, there has been little research on the intersections of the two subjects. This study aims to fill that void. To that end this study uses narrative inquiry to examine the development of multilingual instructors’ self-perceived language ownership and their self-perceived teacher identity over time starting with their earliest experiences with their second language (L2) and moving forward to their current states and imagined future. It also focuses on the idea of “languaged lives” (Ellis, 2016), which is the use of all linguistic experiences a person has influencing their teacher identity and their classroom practices. This is emphasized because Ellis (2016) began to study the intersections between the participants’ first language (L1), second language (L2), and perceived teacher identity.