Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Nathan Heuer

Second Advisor

Susan Palmisano

Third Advisor

Robert Sweeny


My MFA Thesis exhibition, Monsters from Within: A Narrative of the Human Condition, will explore humanity’s everyday societal struggles and display its relationship to the battles that we face psychologically, biologically, and spiritually. Through character development and reoccurring story lines, my drawings will bridge a gap between the subconscious “monsters,” the battles we face internally, and the influence they have, not just in our waking life, but also in society as a whole.

Exploration into the cerebral world and its relationship to how we respond to everyday life has made strides yet remains largely elusive. The focus on connecting mental disorders and learning disabilities is continually being investigated. My work will be displayed on large rolls of primed, crude, and slightly crinkled canvas, referencing the immediacy and importance of the artist’s sketchbook. Through my work, I hope to make society aware of not only its social demons within the world, but the importance of visual language in uncluttering and healing the battles that occur within our own minds.