Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Dennis M. Giever, Ph. D.

Second Advisor

Kathleen J. Hanrahan, Ph. D.

Third Advisor

John J. Gibbs, Ph. D.

Fourth Advisor

John Lewis, Ph. D.


A new theoretical framework was introduced to classify criminal propensity. The principal assumption is there is variation within criminal propensity. It means even though criminals all have criminal propensity, it does not mean they are all prone to commit crime to the same extent. This new model is called the CM Model in which criminal propensity is defined as criminal minds. There are eight CM models based on the level of the three major dimensions of criminal minds, including rationality, emotinality, and morality. A survey study was done to test this new model. The issues regarding the difference between digital piracy and stealing have also been addressed, using the CM models. In addition, the moral issue about digital piracy was examined as well. As a exploratory study, implications were suggested according to the preliminary findings.