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July 2015


Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) have been important areas of inquiry for both business managers and academicians. It is now widely believed that for achieving sustainable business continuity, a firm must be able to recover from both man-made and natural disasters. This is especially true for maintaining and recovering the lifeline of the organization and its data. Although the literature has discussed the importance of disaster recovery and business continuity, there is not much known about how Information System Data Analytics Resilience (ISDAR) and the organization’s ability to recover from lost information. In this research, we take a step in this direction and analyze the relationship of IS personnel expertise on ISDAR and investigate Information System (IS) personnel understanding of the firm’s competitive priorities, IS Personnel understanding of business policies and objectives, IS personnel’s ability to solve business problems, IS personnel initiatives in changing business processes and their determination and attentiveness to focus on achieving confident leadership in data and analytics resilience. We collected data through a survey of IS and business managers from 302 participants. Our results show that there is evidence to support our hypothesis and that there may indeed be a relationship between these variables.